Understanding Online Gambling Shoot Fish Types


How to play Online fish shooting gambling https://asikpkv.com/ is very easy, where players are required to catch or shoot fish that have certain points on the fish shooting table.

But that does not mean you can shoot and catch fish easily, because this fish shooting game is one game that requires a high level of hockey.

In online fish shoot betting also has several types of weapons, namely;

– Normal Shooting This is a type of weapon in fish shooting games that are usually used to catch small fish, but if you are hockey, you can also catch big fish using this weapon.

– Accelerate Shooting is a type of weapon that is used to catch large fish in fish shoot gambling, but to activate this type of weapon requires a greater point.

– Aim For Target is a very solid bonus weapon, this weapon cannot be continuously obtained. Therefore, if you have the chance to get it, please use it well.

In addition, in this online fish shooting gambling game also has 3 special crabs that can help you reap greater profits, namely;

– Bomb crab is a type of crab that is very stable, in order to crab this bomb is able to blow themselves up and can cause damage to nearby fish.

– Crab Laser: As the name implies namely laser. If you catch this crab, your weapon will turn into a laser, but there are time limits for this type of crab.


– Drill Crab: This crab can be a member of a fish that has been hit, well after a few minutes later the fish in the drill will explode and cause damage to the surrounding fish.


Tricks for Winning Fish Shoot Bets Online

– Manage the most expensive ammunition

To get fast and steady results in shooting fish, of course you have to arrange the most expensive and patent ammunition.

– Only aiming for fish with large coins

Do not shoot at small fish, if possible avoid shots at fish if there are a number of small fish that pass by in this online fish shooting game.