Help Wanted!

Hello ladies (and gents)!

Over the past few weeks I have come to realize that I need a lotta help with  I need help with posting recipes, articles, and there isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish all that I want for the site!  The site is growing, and I want to add a passionate health junkie and food blogger to the team to work with me!  Let’s push this thing to the next level!  I am seeking someone who is health conscious but not crazed, loves to cook, is personable and friendly, loves to write about food, health, and fitness, has an open mind, has photography skills (and a dslr), and a good sense of humor.  Wow, this sounds like a profile… 🙂  I would prefer to work with someone who is interested in growing in this position–maybe a potential partner for the site.

Is there pay?  Yes, you will always get a percentage (half for partners) of the earnings for this site as long as you work this position.  There will be other incentives as well!  Also the larger and faster we grow the more you will ultimately make!  I’m thinking Huffington Post status for 2014!  Are you dreaming with me?

More on Writing:

I am seeking someone with good writing and grammar skills, but one who can include personality, style, and humor in their writing.  Nothing fancy, but informative, (again) personable, and friendly posts!  Also someone who doesn’t mind posting delicious, healthy, and unique recipes specifically for WholeYum.

More on Photos:

Good photography skills are needed.  Creativity appreciated 🙂

If you are interested e-mail and tell me about yourself, and ask a ton of questions!