We Tried These 5 Spots for Vegan Ice Cream in Atlanta

It’s that time again! Spring is in the air (and summer is around the corner), it’s getting warm, and lines are starting to form around my favorite ice cream shops in Atlanta. Ice cream is a summer time staple, and while people all over the world have loved ice cream for centuries, there are some of us that seek alternative options to dairy. Whether you are vegan, lactose intolerant, or just want to try something different, rest assured, there are a few creative businesses that have managed to master the art of making vegan ice cream. And the best part—it’s just as tasty!

1. First Batch Artisan Foods


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First Batch Artisan Foods is Creative Loafing’s winner for best ice cream. period! They make all of their ice cream with a base of coconut milk, almonds, and cashews. Then they take those creamy concoctions and add different fresh fruits, all types of homemade extracts, and sometimes even a few of the more popular vegan friendly mix-ins. A few my favorite flavors include Beyond Berry, Cognac Caramel Crunch, Soul Mates, and Because…Chocolate.

Address: 1131 Euclid Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30307

2. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams


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Jeni’s is by far my FAVORITE ice cream shop in Atlanta. They make the best ice cream period (you can fight me on this lol). There are four different Jeni’s Scoop Shops within the Atlanta area, so you know that it must be good! While Jeni’s mostly sells dairy ice cream, they do have a couple options that are vegan friendly—like their delicious Texas Sheet Cake (if you like chocolate ice cream with cake bits this is for you) and Dark Chocolate Truffle.

Flagship Address: 1198 Howell Mill Rd, Atlanta GA 30318

3. Eighty 7 Sweets


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The vegan ice cream at Eighty 7 Sweets is the type that is not going to mess up your health goals so feel free to dive in with that spoon! And how about the cute Atlanta establishment names of their flavors?? While they don’t have a physical location you can order pints from their online shop. The Vanilla Vinings, Morehouse Chocolate, and Piedmont Peanut Butter are delicious classics. But they also have unusual flavors like the Georgia Peach, Spelman Strawberry and Mango, and the Lenox Lime and Avocado (getting hungry). Ohhh, and you must get the vegan friendly chocolate chip cookie bowl.

4. Queen of Cream


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Queen of Cream prepares small batches of all the ice cream that they serve, so you you’ll get consistently great ice cream day in an out. While this ice cream shop serves dairy ice cream, they also have a few vegan options that are super yummy. When you visit ask for the Black Pearl, Thai Tea, Passion Fruit, and Cold Brew Coffee Crunch.

Address: 1198 Howell Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA 30318

5. Sweet Charlie’s


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At Sweet Charlie’s, your ice cream will be made to order. And no you don’t need to wait around for hours before you can enjoy your sweet treat. All ingredients are first placed on a super cold surface, twenty below zero cold, then they roll your ice cream to perfection. There are three bases to choose from, Premium Ice Cream, Nonfat Yogurt, and Vegan. If choosing vegan, you’ll want to them to put it straight up in a cup, because the glazed donut option is not vegan friendly. After adding a few toppings to your ice cream, you will be more than ready to sit back and enjoy each bite.

Address: 3872 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30342


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