5 Reasons to Attend the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival this Summer

Each summer people from around the world gather in Atlanta, Georgia to experience the renowned Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. For me, attending #AFWF is an excuse to link up with food loving friends and sample delicious bites, and wine ‘til we can’t anymore. Every year is unique, and full of innovative food and drink surprises that keep AFWF on everyone’s radar. While you can purchase a one-day pass, for an all-inclusive experience (tasting tents, classes, dinners, avoiding FOMO) I recommend purchasing the connoisseur or weekend passes. This summer will mark my 6th or 7th year attending the festival, and I’m excited to see what’s in store!

My top 5:

1. New Wine Pop-Up Stations

While wine has been a popular attraction (hence the name) at the festival since its inception, this year, distinctive wines will be prominently featured in pop-up stations throughout the tasting tents. Festival goers will have the opportunity to sample from interactive food/beverage paring stations, and learn craft cocktail techniques in mixology recipe demonstrations.

2. Classes on Culinary Delights

While sampling yummy food is always great, I find it rewarding to cook alongside the talented chefs who create the dishes! Yes that is a thing :). At the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival top chefs across the southeast teach you how to prepare different types of cuisine in classes and demonstrations. This is an excellent way to learn about new foods, see chefs in action, and interact with other food lovers at your station. There are over ninety classes in all so you can surely find something that will peak your interest.

3. Tasting Tents

This year the tasting tents are relocating to OFW Park—a great move as this park has hosted many festivals before. Also the tents will be in closer proximity, that means less walking and more eating (and drinking). In the tasting tents you will sample food and beverages from over 200 southern restaurants, chefs, and artisans! This is why a three-day pass is optimal as you have a few days to take it all in, and make it through all of the food and drink stations :). While much of the food is southern classics there are always a few unique bites that I’ve never tried!

4. Explore Wine at the Connoisseur Experiences

The Connoisseur Experiences are awesome for learning about wine and food pairings. If you are new to the world of wine, or are simply looking to expand your knowledge, this is where you will want to spend much of your time at the festival. These are always great for meeting interesting peeps, off and on topic conversations, interacting with hosts, and the Q/A sessions.

5. To Pair or to Pair

This year, the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival’s “off the beaten path” theme will focus on atypical food and drink pairings—think beer and pancakes, champagne and crawfish. I am so here for this as it sounds like fun, and I may discover some non-traditional pairings I actually enjoy. I’m curious to see what other odd pairings are featured!

The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival is a must-not-miss event in Atlanta, and you need to put it on your bucket list immediately! I’d love to link up with a few of you at the festival so please reach out if you are planning on attending. Click here for tickets!

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