I Tried Intermittent Fasting and Here’s What Happened

It worked! I will admit, even after all of my research I was still unsure of what the outcome would be. Not only did it seem to good to be true, but everyone’s body chemistry is different. But it did work–a little to well–here’s what happened.

  • First–I followed the Leangains fasting program.

This is where you consume your calories in say, an 8-hour period, and fast for the remaining 16 hours. I chose this program because it’s consistent day to day. There are programs where you fast weekly or on alternate days, but I felt that Leangains would work best for my needs.


  • Second–you cannot intermittent fast for one week and expect immediate results.

It’s going to take some getting used to–you’re essentially shocking your body and metabolic processes and you’ll need time to adapt. Upon starting you may feel sick, have splitting headaches–you may find it hard to leave your bed. You just don’t know how fasting will affect you so you need to do it slow and steady.

A female’s body chemistry is different from a male’s so I would not recommend females fast for more than 12-14 hours. And if you’re just getting started work your way up to 14.

  • Third–when you choose to fast is completely up to you and your lifestyle.

I’ve found that fasting between the hours of 6pm-8pm and having my first meal between 8am-10am worked best for me. Also, you’ll need to drink PLENTY of water throughout the day and you may find some difficulty working out during the first few weeks. I can’t stress this enough, do this process step by step. Don’t attempt to fast and do strenuous physical activities right away–you’ll set yourself up for failure.


My experience Intermittent Fasting

The first week of fasting was the most difficult. I was hungry as [ insert expletive word ] and started having sugar withdrawals. By the third day I started having headaches even though my water intake was good. I started to wonder if “this was even safe”, but continued through my commitment.

By the second week I was feeling a lot better, and begin to enjoy fasting! I felt in control of my eating habits and schedule and fasting became advantageous to my lifestyle. By the third week I starting dropping pounds and felt the skin on my stomach (a problem area) tighten. I could even see some definition! I felt SO energized and overall EXTREMELY healthy.

By the next month and as I continued fasting, I felt that I was dropping weight a little too quickly. I already have a small frame and didn’t want to get all skeletal. My entire body was much thinner, and friends started to comment. Even my round “moon face” had slimmed down–tremendously. I looked and felt great and had FINALLY found something to help me keep my weight in check, but that’s when my goals started to change. I had already lost more than a few “extra” pounds and weight-loss was no longer a priority for me. I decided to stop fasting altogether and focus on new goals of overall nutrition and health, as well as building lean muscle.

So would I recommend intermittent fasting to you? Heck YES! And not only because of the weight-loss benefits–I found that fasting simplified my life and made meal planning easier. I also had NEVER had so much energy in my life, and my body functions improved greatly. In my experience intermittent fasting has huge health benefits and I am excited to start the process again this new year.

(Featured Image: Life Hacker)

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