Go Green With These 5 Super Food Smoothies

Green smoothies have been a popular health food favorite for sometime and still remain one of the top go-to nutritious drinks! On a hot summers day there is nothing better than a refreshing green smoothie to quench your thirst. Get your daily dose of greens with these 5 super food smoothie recipes!

1. Kale Smoothie

A superfood kale breakfast smoothie with pears, bananas and maca! #GF


2. Oh So Green Smoothie [vegan] [gluten free]

Energising matcha, creamy avocado, tangy kiwi, fresh celery and sweet peas. Here is a delicious green smoothie loaded with vegetables to power your day!


3. Mango Lime Green Smoothie

This tropical Mango Lime Green Smoothie is tropical, tangy and incredibly refreshing!


4. Drinkable Salad – Savory Green Smoothie

If you’re tired of sweet green smoothies, try this savory version instead. It is the perfect healthy meal on the go!


5. Tropical Green Smoothie

A super delicious smoothie packed with spinach, kale, avocado and pineapple!

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