Five New Technologies to Help You Stay Healthy in 2017

When pondering ways to get healthy, most think about incorporating more natural and organic foods in their diets, but the world of technology has been catching up to help us to enjoy our foods in a uniquely healthy way!


Healthy Snack Vending Machines

The vending machine business doesn’t stop at serving only healthy snacks. If you are a Rhea Vendors account holder, it uses your medical records and facial recognition software to determine which snacks you are allowed to eat. Rhea Vendors not only provides smart food vending machines, but also smart coffee vending machines that provide personalized hot drinks based on facial recognition technology.

Facial Recognition App for Meal Suggestions

El Bulli Chef, Ferren Adria, experimental psychologist, Charles Spence and, the Just Eat food delivery system teamed up and produced an interesting piece of technology. Their mood mapping app registers your emotions and suggests food choices based on what it recognizes. This technology hasn’t been launched yet but promises to provide a satisfying experience for consumers as well as data for restaurants and food retailers to help them customize their menus and food shelves.

3D printed food for astronauts

One of NASA’s challenges is to provide their brave space explorers with healthy and nutritious meal options. Current space food is far from cuisine or even real food. NASA is running a project where 3D printers can produce nutritious food using cartridges of vitamins, proteins, minerals, colorants, and sweeteners. This will provide astronauts with real and nutritious foods while they are so far from home.


Allergen sensing gadgets

If you’re one of those diners who always have to bug the waiter about your food allergies, Nima Sensors has the solution for you. It is a portable food testing device that is able to tell you whether a meal contains allergens or not. At the moment it only works for gluten, but hopefully, it will soon be able to sense other allergens as well. The Nima Sensor is not the only allergen testing device on the market. The necklace-shaped Allergy Amulet tests for 8 common allergens by simply dipping the device into your food.


Healthy meal planning technology

The folks behind Hello Egg know that between work and kids, it’s not always possible to stick to a healthy meal plan. The Hello Egg helps to plan weekly meals and takes dietary preferences into account. Expecting a visit from a vegan friend? No worries, the Hello Egg has you covered. It sets up shopping lists, checks the content of your pantry and order groceries to help you focus on the important stuff in your life.

In the meantime, check out our healthy recipes to stay healthy the old-fashioned way.

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