Why is Everyone Talking About Roach Milk?

There’s something pretty remarkable happening in the food science community… Ready?? An interest in cockroach milk. Wait, WHAT?? Yes we know…

It’s been reported that researchers in India have discovered a cockroach that not only gives birth, but also has “milking” abilities. Yes you read that right.  The female Pacific Beetle Cockroach, found in Asia, is one of the only roaches in the world that doesn’t lay eggs, but gives live birth, and produces milk for its offspring! What’s even stranger is that this crystalline yellow tinted milk is apparently nutrient dense, and contains more protein than cow’s milk.

But what does all of this have to do with you?

roach milk

Well some researchers are looking for ways to extract the milk from the roaches on a large scale and are touting it as the next potential “superfood”. But before you start cringing know that it could take years before roach milk is available to consumers, and the milk first has to be tested for safety and toxicity in humans (any willing participants?).

We’re not sure what to think about this new finding, but if in a few years you see roach milk on grocery store shelves, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

What are your thoughts on this scientific breakthrough? We’re interested to find out!

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