9 Ways to Feel Amazing this Year

1.) Consume Less Meat

2016 hit us with SO MANY vegan and vegetarian trends for healthier eating– causing us to think twice about digging into some freshly cooked chicken or steak. Thankfully, we have plenty of resources available to those of us seeking veggies as entrée focal points. Blogs like The First Mess and Cookie & Kate show us that fried zucchini, seitan, and imitation sausage can go a long way in any recipe to create the same homemade dishes with a veggie twist.

2.) Drink at least 2 Liters of Water a Day

Did you know that the average human should be drinking around two liters of water every day? The benefits of drinking more and more water are numerous. From keeping your bowels in check to staying hydrated, raising water consumption is one of the healthiest you can do all year. Soon enough you’ll feel more energized and all around healthier throughout the day.

3.) Get Outdoors

Sunshine feeds the body and the soul. When stay stuck behind our computer screens all morning and afternoon, we forget the beauty that lives right outside our closed doors! This year, take on getting outside for at least an hour every day. Walk or bike to work (if you can), or take your breaks outside. Schedule more time outdoors, walk everywhere, and you’ll start to see changes in yourself in as little as a week.

4.) Stretch

Another beneficial wellness exercise, in all of its varieties, is yoga. If the gym isn’t your cup of tea, starting a daily yoga routine (whether taking classes or trying videos online), will help you feel more agile and energetic. Also, daily stretching and mild workouts helps us sleep deeper and regulate our digestion.

5.) Gratitude Inventory
Mindfulness is everything this year. Stress and loneliness can take years off your life. Try to take fifteen minutes every day to take inventory on everything you can think of to be grateful for. Odds are, once you begin writing, your list will continually grow as it’ll become easier to think of things to add. This will certainly result in a lasting overall positive attitude.

6.) Self-Love Checklist

Like a gratitude inventory, take fifteen minutes every day to create a list of ways that you’re kicking ass. Too many times in life we beat ourselves up–over the most insignificant things! Pause and get present, and instead think about ways you’re doing great in your life. Stop the negative self-talk and your positive mindset will expand. You’ll accomplish even more over the coming months.

7.) Take Deep Breaths

While you walk, while you eat, while you’re resting, take deep breaths. Inhale for six full seconds and exhale for six full seconds. Do this throughout  the day if you start to feel stressed–your heart rate will decrease and your blood and brain will get more oxygen. You’ll be able to get focused and take on anything coming up your way.

8.) Schedule “Me” Time

It’s easy to put your precious time on the back-burner, but when was the last time you penciled in time for reading on the couch in silence? This year, make it your intention to schedule time for yourself. And do whatever makes you happy. You’ll feel less grumpy and fulfilled around friends and family.

9.) Surround Yourself with Those of Good Intentions

We are a reflection of the people around us. As such, the people closest to us should be the ones who nourish us the most. This year, observe your relationships. When you decide to let someone in your space, ask yourself if this person lifts you up or exhausts you. Spend most of your time with those who leave you feeling loved and encouraged. There is nothing wrong with letting go of those who don’t.

(Featured Image: Demand Fitness)

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