5 Quality Protein Sources for Vegans

When I decided to go vegan, I did a lot of research to find out how I could maintain a nutritious diet while eliminating animal proteins. I know my body thrives on protein, but I didn’t want to rely on shakes to get me through the day.  After getting a little creative I found good high protein sources that are not only suitable for my diet, but also delicious in recipes!


Nuts are one of the best sources of protein for vegans, and my favorite are almonds–they contain 6gms of protein per ounce! Almonds are also full of vitamins and fiber for healthy digestion. One reason I love nuts is that they are super easy to add to your meals. Sprinkle them on salads, grind them up for sauces, and eat them alone if you’re on the go!


Tofu is one the first foods I tried when I began my new life as a vegan. Not only is it tasty, but you can use it in a lot of recipes. Add tofu in your salad, smoothie, or just eat it as it is. You and even sear or bake it–it’s delicious. Whatever way you decide to eat tofu you will get plenty of protein for your diet.


Avocado is a food that I recently learned to love. It is a good source of vegan protein for those who exercise and want to build muscle. Avocados are loaded in healthy fats, and protein. I love having avocado on toast with garlic salt or in my salads with lemon juice.


If you’re looking for a very high protein source choose lentils. Lentils are the perfect bean with 18gms of protein per cup! I love lentils, and can eat an entire pot alone. If you’re not fond of beans try incorporating them in recipes with other ingredients!


Most know quinoa is a superfood, but many don’t know that it is loaded with protein. At 8 grams of protein per cup, quinoa is a complete protein and also contains nutrients like iron and fiber. Try eating quinoa with soup, oatmeal or even in a parfait.

As someone on a weight loss journey, getting enough protein is very important to stay fit and build muscle. Becoming a vegan has changed my life for the better, and there are so many nutritious foods you discover as a vegan.

Jacqueline Mayfield is a freelance writer based in Virginia. She recently switched to an all vegan diet and enjoys writing about all things food and health.

(Photo Credit: Naraya Cooking)

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