4 Fun Holiday Gift Ideas for Foodies

Do you have a foodie friend who seems to have it all? These four gift ideas will take the guesswork out of gifting.

Try a food delivery subscription

Food delivery subscription options have been popping up like mushrooms recently. SourcedBox delivers healthy snack alternatives to your doorstep. The snacks are low and sugar and chemical-free and its convenient packaging makes it a no-brainer alternative to mainstream snacks. Consumers can choose between once-off, monthly or annual subscription services.

Graze food boxes provides a similar service that provides up to a week’s worth of snacks out of over a hundred delicious options to choose from. The nutritious snacks are pre-selected by the consumer and delivered straight to their doorstep.

MistoBox offers the same service to coffee lovers. A coffee curator will help your foodie friend to identify their perfect coffee blends. Freshly roasted, the coffee is delivered to the consumer’s door to enjoy.

Buy tickets to a foodie-friendly festival

Music festivals no longer cater for their customers with burgers and mainstream beers. At the Chicago Open Air summer music festival, musicians will have to fight for attention with all the craft beers and gourmet food on show.

Give the gift of tantalized taste buds

Foodies are ultimately fascinated by interesting fusions of flavors. Cristal’s balsamic cream with hot peppers is a spicy and textured spin on the usual balsamic products. It is an amalgamation of the balsamic and hot sauce categories that will delight any adventurous foodie.

Another alternative is Big Picture Farm’s goat’s milk caramel sweets. This unique sweet comes in selected gourmet flavors such as Cocoa Latte, Brown Butter Bourbon and Wild Chocolate Mint. Compared to cow’s milk, goat’s milk is richer in vitamins and minerals and easier to digest, making this a healthier option to boot.

Smoke and Kale Sauerkraut is bound to have any foodie licking their lips. It’s right up there with all the recent foodie trends from healthy greens to probiotic rich fermented form and everything smoky. It also contains a variety of vegetables, peppers, garlic and scallions.

Give that kitchen item that you wouldn’t know what to do with

Most online kitchen shops have a gifting section with weird and wonderful cooking paraphernalia. Try a watermelon slicer from The Grommet or a home-made gin kit from Yuppiechef. Top it off with a Christmas Recipes Cookbook and hold thumbs that you’ll be invited to next year’s Christmas feast.

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