Carrot Pepper Tomato Cocktail

carrot tomato smoothie

Good morning!  Well now it’s the afternoon, but this was breakfast this morning.  The only thing I forgot was Flaxseeds, boooooooo.  Normally I add nuts and seeds to fruit smoothies, not vegetable smoothies though–it’s just a habit.  Vegetable smoothies taste gross right?  Wrong–add bell pepper.  I love adding bell peppers to vegetable smoothies!  It’s just so refreshing, and adds a little bit of sweetness to the taste.  This feels so good, and (another word for refreshing) going down, damn now I want another one.

If you hate vegetables, you will probably love this drink.  I say this because most folks who hate vegetables hate green vegetables.  This drink has none of those.  It’s gorgeous out so I am going to get some air before the sun disappears 🙂  Hope you enjoy my vege drink!

nitribullet vegetable smoothie

Carrot bell pepper tomato smoothie

Carrot, Bell Pepper, and Tomato Cocktail


  • Handful Baby Carrots
  • 1/3 Red Bell Pepper
  • 1 Tomato
  • 1/2 Lemon


  1. Chop all vegetables (except for the lemon), and add to your blender or Nurtibullet.
  2. Squeeze lemon on top of the veges and add 1/2-1 cup of water.
  3. Blend, and enjoy!

Carrot Pepper Tomato Cocktail WholeYum
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